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Heidelberg IT Managed Service Provider

Cyber disasters are not only a stressful events but also a very costly one! Engaging with our MSP packages can save you money and maximize resources by providing high-level IT support. It allows you to budget better, whilst also providing peace of mind that your IT needs are securely looked after by a team of professionals. Paying a monthly fee is more budget-friendly than unforeseen costs associated with cyber disaster or system break down. 

For small business owners any downtime of technology can result in unexpected expenditure, inability to perform work tasks, unable to communicate with clients and customers, missed opportunities from being unavailable. Having your systems and hardware securely protected and looked after will minimise the impact and occurrence of downtime within the workplace. 

Heidelburg IT offers a range of solutions that are suitable for the home and small business operations. If you are unsure if the packages below suit your needs please reach out so we can have a talk about what will keep your family and workplace safe. 

  • Automatic Microsoft Windows & Office Updates 
  • Web protection 
  • Critical Updates applied 
  • Monthly clean up of redundant computer files 
  • Little or no disruption to you and your staff with after-hours patching 
  • Daily Safety Checks  
  • Email Support only (30 mins/month – does not roll over) 
  • Includes Free Antivirus 


Cost: $40/month/pc

  • Above including 3rd party software updates 
  • 15% off 1-hour consulting fees when purchased in advance. 
  • Phone & Email support (30mins free chat/month/package) 
  • Reports included. 
  • $49/month 

Package 1 & 2: Additional: $5/month, or $60/year 

Total: $387/year/PC  

  • Backup of Office 365 Email, Contacts, Calendar, SP, OneDrive, OneNote 
  • G-Suite Backup 
  • Workstation Document Backup (100GB/user) $21/month 
  • Protection against data loss 
  • Ransomware protection 


Package 3: $8.90/email address/month (1-3 users) 

*We use Australian Data Centers consider $14.90/account/month 


MSP Service Benefits

Automatic Microsoft Windows Updates Office Updates 

  • Just as important as Windows updates, Microsoft Office updates look after threats that can be received through ‘holes’ in Macro’s and other functionality settings. These updates help keep you as safe as possible. 

Critical Updates applied  

  • When new exploits/threats or security issues are discovered Microsoft, release an urgent (out of bound) Windows update to keep your system safe and secure. These are known for protecting you from these threats.  

Monthly clean-up of redundant computer files  

  • Clean-up of redundant computer files is like keeping your house in order. After time dust accumulates and you need to clean these areas. Just as in a house, your computer needs to be digitally cleaned from accumulating too much rubbish which can affect computer performance. 

Little or no disruption to you and your staff with after-hours patching 

  • Most of the office & system updates and maintenance of your computer are done behind the scenes. On occasions there will be a need to reboot your PC. You will be given adequate time and notice to save your files and documents. 

Daily Safety Checks  

  • Daily safety checks are very important. We monitor your CPU, RAM usage, HDD and various processors that can impact on performance or alert us to signs of malfunction or compromise.  

We also can monitor if your computer is being threatened by attacks to attempt to gain entry to your system. Put simply hackers attempt to try frequently used passwords to attack your system. 

Email Support (30 mins) 

  • We understand that you may have computer & technology questionsWe are more than happy to help answer your questions and make recommendations in choosing products moving forward. 

Includes Free Antivirus & Web Protection 

  • In today’s environment we need to be protected as best possible. That’s why we use one of the world’s most reliable and secure anti-virus and web protection programs which is included free for all packages. These services help keep you safe from malware, ransomware, and fraud. If you would like further information on these threats, please reach out to us. 

Monitoring and Management 

  • Monitor Health of Hard Drives 
  • Failed Login Checks (an indication that someone is trying to get into your system!) 
  • Low Disk Space Checks 
  • Antivirus & Security checks and more! 

2 x automatic system cleans/month (list features) 

  • Temp files 
  • These files are the one’s left over from programs during copying or transfers. 
  • Some temporary files also house cached versions of Windows updates. These take up a lot of space and are sometimes not necessary for you to have on your computer as they can accumulate. 
  • Downloaded files& Recycle Bin 
  • It is surprising how much files we download each month. These relate to all programs and documents you download from the web. Left unattended they can accumulate and take up disk space on your PC. 
  • The Recycle Bin is another one where old redundant files are kept (as a safe guard) but also accumulate space and this can impact on the performance of your PC. 
  • Browser Cleaning 
  • We use the internet every day to download files. During this process we are often prompted to allow ‘Cookies’. Over a short amount of time these also accumulate and need to be cleared. Failing to do so will mean your browser coming less responsive to websites and cause you all sorts of issues like pages not loading or getting ‘stuck.’ 
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